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We believe every child is unique and special just the way they are and that every child is a piece to our puzzle - our family here at Piece by Piece. Piece by Piece uses ABA Therapy and techniques to teach children with autism spectrum disorder and other disabilities fundamental skills and socially significant behaviors that equip them to gain independence. Social skills, interpersonal skills, verbal communication,

daily living skills, and fine/gross motor skills are learned through one-to-one teaching techniques using ABA therapists across settings such as school, home, community, and clinic. We are here to be a tool and resource to the families of children with autism and to determine the best treatment package for your child.


We are not here to fit in your box - we are here to help families realize there is no box their child needs to fit in. We want families to feel at home when walking through the doors of Piece by Piece and we believe in walking along side of you, reaching goals that are important to each family and providing knowledge and information about the best practices in treating each child.

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